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Entrance Requirements
All applicants must be at least 18 years of age and high school (or G.E.D.) graduates.  Evidence of both must be provided with a government issued ID with date of birth listed and a copy of a diploma prior to enrolling in the program.

NOTE: criminal convictions may affect a student's ability to be licensed


Enrollment Procedures
Students may request an enrollment agreement/contract by calling or visiting the school by appointment during business hours.  To complete enrollment, students must meet with school staff to review and sign the enrollment agreement and complete financial arrangements.  When enrolled, a student will be accepted into the next available offering of the program.  


The school does not accept credit for previous training.

Attendance Policy
The Maryland Real Estate Commission requires successful completion of 60- clock hours to be eligible to sit for the Maryland Real Estate Salesperson Exam.  Therefore, students must attempt to attend every session.  Arriving more than 10 minutes late or leaving more than 10 minutes early will count as a full hour of absence.

A student must achieve at least an 80% attendance rate in order to successfully complete the program.  When a student misses more than 12 clock hours of the program, the student will be dismissed from the program.

The school does not have a leave of absence policy.

Makeup Policy
Clock hours missed cannot exceed 12 clock hours and must be made up before the scheduled end date of the programmes indicated in the enrollment agreement. Students must contact school staff to arrange for the make-up of missed time(up to a maximum of 12 clock hours) and academic assessments.

Student : Instructor Ratio
The student-to-instructor ratio will not exceed 12:1.


Process  and Policy
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