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Principles & Practices of Real Estate for Salespersons - 60 Clock Hours

Express Brokers Academy, LLC  1300 Mercantile Lane, 

Suite 139B Largo, MD  20774 

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Student Application

About Me
​In order to be binding, this contract must be accepted by the applicant and the school official. The enrollment contract may be extended or modified only with the written consent of both the student and the school.

Thank you for applying. You will be now be asked to pay your admission fee.

By accepting below, you are acknowledging that have received the following:


  • I have received an exact copy of this enrollment contract.

  • I have received a copy of the school’s current catalog.

  • I have been advised to keep this document as well as copies of all financial documents.


Program Name and Clock Hours: Principles & Practices of Real Estate for Salespersons - 60 Clock Hours.


Upon successful completion of the program, I will receive a “Certificate of Completion” required to sit for the Maryland Real Estate Salesperson Examination.Successful completion requires the following:


  • Complete all 60 clock hours of training. (All missed clock hours, up to 12 clock hours, must be made up.)

  • Achieve a minimum 80% attendance rate throughout the program.

  • Achieve a minimum score of 75% on the final examination.

  • Financial obligations to School satisfied.

  • Student acknowledges that job placement and job salaries cannot be guaranteed by Express Brokers Academy, LLC.


Students wishing to obtain an official transcript must make a request in writing to the school. In order to receive an official transcript, a student must pay $5.00 by cash, check or money order, payable to Express Brokers Academy, LLC.


Tuition $200.00; Text(s) $80.00; Registration Fee: $20 - Total $300.00 (6.5% Fee Applied to Credit/Debit Card Payments).

Students may purchase books from the open market or from the school. (Not included - Maryland Real Estate Salesperson License Exam - $61.00)

Modern Real Estate Practice, 20th Edition (April 30, 2014), ISBN 978-1-4754-6372-9

Maryland Real Estate Practice & Law, 16th Edition by Dearborn Real Estate, ISBN 978-1-4754-4694-4


Payment must be made with the application before classes begin and payable to Express Brokers Academy, LLC.
Payment accepted (one of the following): Check, Discover Card, Mastercard, American Express, Visa.

Refund Policy:
1. All monies paid by the student will be fully refunded if the student chooses not to enroll in or to withdraw from the school within seven calendar days after having signed the enrollment contract.

2. If the student chooses to withdraw after the 7 day cancellation period but before the first day of instruction, the School will retain in full the monies paid for the student’s textbook fees. Textbooks are the property of the student and are not eligible for a refund except within the 7 day cancellation period.

3. If, after the seven-day cancellation period, a student withdraws or is terminated after the instruction begins, refunds will be made according to the following schedule:

The proportion of Total Program Taught by Date of Withdrawal


4. If the school closes, cancels or discontinues a program, the school will refund to each currently enrolled
student all monies paid by the student for tuition and fees and all monies for which the student is liable for tuition and fees.

5. Students are requested, but not required, to notify the Director or designated school official if they are withdrawing from the school.

6. The date of withdrawal or termination is the last date of attendance by the student.Refunds are based on the date of withdrawal or termination.

7. All refunds due will be paid within 60 days of the student’s date of withdrawal or termination.

8. Books purchased are the property of the student and are not refundable, except within the seven-day cancellation period.

We accept checks, money orders. cash and credit/debit cards

(service charge is not included, 6.5% Fee Applied to Credit/Debit Card Payments) 

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